Do you know that 5% of the population controls 85% of the world’s wealth and resources?

Watch “Change your Paradigm, Change your World” by Bob Proctor

Top 5 reasons you are not achieving your desired dream or build your Millions Yet :

  • You are not work for profit, you work for pay
  • You may not have a clearly defined goal yet
  • You may not access to up to date information
  • You are not networking with the right experts
  • You are not willing to take risk when opportunities appear

No training can produce a real businessman or entrepreneur better than one man who is determined to take a strictly performance-based sales position. It’s RESULTS, not REASONS.”

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You are Born Rich
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9 BENEFITS working with PFA Asia

Our in house A.C.E career plan serves as the guiding path for all PFA members.

Advisor -> Coach -> Educationist


  • These are the potential outcomes by taking the opportunity.

    • Your Income based on performance and efforts
    • Career growth based on merit
    • You have more control of career advancement
    • Learn from the financial experts,  specialist
    • Rewards & Recognition
    • You design  and build your own business
    • Free from a repetitive boring job
    • Earn big income in the shortest time possible
    • Full expenses paid overseas trip and convention
    • Assess to up to date information and financial management skills
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Be more successful in your job
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  • Information on Banking in Malaysia
  • Information on Small Medium Entreprise
  • Debt consolidation / restructuring
  • Mediation of financial related complaints
  • Income tax related matters
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Financial Calculators
Interested to find out how your education, financial, mortgage and retirement calculation is like?

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