Your Millionaire Investment Guide

Most people associate money and high income to wealth. Is that true?

On your pursuit to become a millionaire, it is important to learn the mindset of the rich and how they behave when it come to money so you can enjoy your life without financial worries.

Look around at the rich and have you ever pondered?

  • How much money does it take to be rich?
  • How does the rich make it in life ?
  • Do they think the same way as normal people ?
  • What is money, is it wealth ?
  • What are their investment styles, do they speculate ?

It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for. - Robert Kiyosaki

Learn from the wealthy on your path to millionaire

You Must Have Surplus Funds to Invest

Amassing wealth and becoming financially independent is a slow process that takes time. It is important you do the right things no matter how small it is. You do small things every day such as cut your expenses, generate extra income, save 10% of your income, learn about investment assests and continue investing.

The only way to take advantage of investment opportunities is to have the extra money to invest. With time, it reach a certain point where you reach critical mass and the returns generated on your assets can change your life. When a new opportunity appears, you can react on a larger scale than your previous investments. That’s called compounding. It’s when the interest, dividends and capital gains your money has earned begin to generate their own interest, dividends, and capital gains, and the process continues.

Sharpen your Creative Intelligence faculty

According to decades of extensive research by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., author of The Millionaire Next Door, the grades one earns in school have no correlation with the economic wealth of a person. That’s not to say education isn’t important, but just having analytical intelligence does not guarantee your financial success.

Indeed, the research further advocate that a more important measure is the creative intelligence that is responsible for innovative ideas, and the entrepreneurial spirit to stomach unknown risk, ability to visualise an opportunity to craft solutions in niche markets that everyone else misses.

High Income Does Not Equal to Great Wealth

Have you seen athelete who earns 20 million a year goes bankrupt ? How does this happen considering 20 million is a high paying job. You need to understand that income is not wealth.

Yes, it’s easier to amass assets if you have more money coming in each month,. The true secret to wealth is to spend less than you make. it is fundamentally simple, absolute, non-negotiable reality of money.

What is wealth ? Financial wealth is a measure of your personal balance sheet / networth (assets minus liabilities) that generates capital gains, income, and dividends without your labor.


Just as income is not wealth. Rich people enjoy richness in life, not material rich. Money is just an instrumental tool in enriching the soul, broadening the mind and learning about the world.

True Wealth Is Able to have Control Over Time

Time Rich, not Money Rich is the new paradigm. Time is far more valuable than material goods can buy.

No matter how much money you make, unless you have complete control over how you spend your day doing the things you enjoy so much you are only Material Rich but not Time Rich.

Spouse Behaviour Has Important Influence on Financial Wealth

Spouse has important role in your wealth building process. As you try to build your wealth, and if he or she is spendthrift, indisciplined and spending your money on status symbols, it will make it nearly impossible for you to achieve financial independence, let alone to reach your millionaire goal.

Marry the wrong person that end up in a divorce will cause the emotional, financial, and social toll on your life and put a serious dent in your balance sheet.

To build your financial wealth, you need to have the kind of support that allows you to take risks without worry and tremendous amount of success is based upon proper temperament and psychology because you know, no matter what happens, there will always be someone waiting for you at home that loves you unconditionally. On the contrary, how can you focus on your work and creating the life which you always dreamed if you are worrying about the situation at home?

Tax has big impact on return on investment

All income is not equal. The idea where and how you hold your investment assets can mean a lot of difference. It is important to take advantage of the tax laws for effective tax planning.

Hence, the rich seldom work alone. They are always in mastermind group and engage the service of tax consultants, lawyers and financial advisors.

Learn more on 5 steps to investment portfolio.

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