Education Planning

Your children’s education is a high priority. The higher it goes, the higher the cost.

Do you have it covered?

Many are aware that it can cost a fortune to support their children especially for higher education.

How to Plan for Your Child Education Fund

  • How much money do I need to prepare for my children education ?
  • How do I select the course my children prefer to study since they are still young ?
  • Is short term endowment savings plan suitable for my children education ?
  • Will my children education eats into my retirement fund ?
  • What if after I spend money educate my children and they do not take care of me when I am old ?

This can result in a tremendous financial drain for a family with college age children.  When your children are ready for their tertiary education, are you READY?

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. ~Andy McIntyre and Derek Bok
A well-known proverb goes day.

”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This reflect the importance of acquire knowledge.

When should you start planning for a child’s college education? Ideally, as soon as the child is born. Don’t become alarmed if you haven’t started planning for your child’s college education. No matter what the child’s age, strategies are available to help you come up with the necessary funds.

How to Plan for Your Child Education Fund

Children and their education are extremely high priorities for many families. As education costs have been escalating faster than the overall cost of living in most countries, including Malaysia. That’s why so many people feel that saving or generating enough money to pay for their kids’ tertiary education getting more difficult as the education costs are escalating very fast.

Most people feel that saving alone is no longer enough to pay for their children education especially parents who wish to send their children abroad.
Year Malaysia(4 years)

(in MYR)

Australia(4 years)

(in AUD)

US (4 years)

(in USD)

UK (3 years)

(in GBP)

2015 192,000 168,000 144,000 75,000
2020 269,289 235,628 201,967 105,191
2025 377,691 330,480 283,269 147,535
2030 529,731 463,515 397,337 206,925
  • All figures are estimates and serve only as a guideline
  • The cost includes university fees & living cost for Science course with inflation of 7%/year
  • There may be variations in fees for different courses, universities and states.
  • Cost of medical degree is not included.
While considering child education planning, the following points should be looked at.
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