Financial Score Card

Simple Financial Score Card

Please Choose – Yes / No

  1. I have emergency funds (i.e. cash / cash equivalents) to provide for expenses for at least 6 months. (YES / NO)
  2. I am confident to achieve my retirement Fund of at least 10 times my gross annual income upon retirement.
    (YES / NO)
  3. I have planned well on my children’s University education. (YES / NO)
  4. I have critical illness insurance coverage of at least twice my gross annual income. (YES / NO)
  5. My house will be fully paid-up in the event of my death or disability. (YES / NO)
  6. I have life insurance and disability insurance coverage at least 10 times my gross annual income. (YES / NO)
  7. I have hospitalisation and surgical insurance coverage that can provide for my hospital bills without anyout-of-pocket expenses. (YES / NO)
  8. I have effected a valid Will to distribute my estate to my loves ones. (YES / NO)

The Diagnosis

Total number of “No” responses



Good job!
You are managing your life’s financial concerns well. You might want to think about building up some other savings and investment.

Consult our financial superhero to review what you already have and plan ahead for your other needs.



Most of your financial concerns seem to be under control at the moment. Whatever your circumstances, it is good to review your unfulfilled concerns.

Make an appointment with a Financial Superhero today. He/she will review your situation and advise you accordingly.

4 or more


You should be on “Red Alert!” What if the worst were to happen – will your loved ones be able to manage financially? You would ask – what should I do next?

Make an appointment with a Financial Superhero today. Don’t worry if this exercise has given you lots to think.


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